Nicholas Ibenu Jr. Biography, Age, Early Life, Career, Net Worth

January 21, 2022

Nicholas Ibenu Jr. Biography

Nicholas Ibenu Jr. is a Nigerian Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Cyber Security.

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Full name: Nicholas Michael Al-Ibenu
Other names: Klaus, Khalid
Date of birth: 28th August
Nationality: Nigerian
Father's name: Nicholas Ibenu
Occupation: Military Officer (Rtd.)
Mother's name: Grace Ibenu
Education: Yaba College of Technology, Escae University of Technology
Occupation: Assistant Professor, IT Officer

Academic Records

Primary Education:

Army Children School, 

Odeba International Nur/Pri School

Secondary Education: 

St Paul's Secondary School,

Beulah Land College,

Seagate College.

Institutions Attended: 

Nigerian Army School of Military Engineering

Course of Study: Architecture & Estate Management & Valuation (Dropped out)

Benue State Polytechnic 

Course of Study: Painting & Sculpture (Dropped out)

Yaba College of Technology 

Course of Study: Technology & Management (Graduated)

Escae University of Technology 

Course of Study: BSc, Computer Science & Security (Graduated)

Escae University of Technology 

Course of Study: MSc, Management Information System

Nicholas Ibenu Jr. Biography, Date Of Birth, Early Life, Family, Education, Career

Nicholas Ibenu Jr. Biography

Born on the 28th day of August, Nicholas Al-Ibenu also known as Klaus al-Ibenu  is a Nigerian Assistant Professor of Computer Science with a specialty in security. informally known by his other names "Klaus al-Ibenu." He is a native of Ohimini, the ancestral home land of the great Ibenu Empire, Benue State, a North Central part of West Africa, Nigeria where he was born, raised and had his early elementary education, under the supervision of his discipline father, Engr. Nicholas Ibenu Sr. (rtd.).

Ibenu is widely known for his passion for human development and his pragmatic approach to mysticism.
He was born in Otukpo, Benue State, Nigeria, to a Nigerian parent, his father Nicholas Ibenu, Sr., Was a military officer who served as an engineer in the army while his mother Grace Ibenu a farmer and trader.

He is known to be a Christian, a devout Catholic, having being raised in a Catholic family, under the influence of his discipline father which helps him develop an intense self-discipline.

Ibenu initially enrolled and intend to have his secondary education at St Michael the Archangel Minor Seminary, Benue, Nigeria which he later withdrew due to some reasons best known to him.

According to sources close to him, he was known to be very conversant with history and the works of the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche and Friedrich Schleiermacher; probably he formed a different method of belief. He is known to be very controversial when arguments are raised concerning that regard.


Nicholas Ibenu Jr. Biography

Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. started his elementary education at Odeba International Nursery and Primary School where he graduated as the best student taking the first position placed out of the entire class with a minimum of 89 per cent attendance.

He held the position of a discipline and labour prefect and his core subjects were Information Technology, Religious Studies, History and English Language. Ibenu excelled at school where he was also known to be a secretive and solitary child, preferring to read rather than doing much of socialization.
He was known to be called by his headmaster as an emperor as he doesn’t take chances to push through.

After his elementary education, he initially went on to attend the St Michael the Archangel Minor Seminary, Benue State, but later withdrew and changed his decision. The reason has been unknown to this day.

He went on to attend St Paul’s Secondary School, later on to Beulah College, and Seagate College before he relocated to Lagos, Nigeria.

After his secondary education, Ibenu wrote the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Examination and proceeded to the Nigerian Army School of Military Engineering to study Architecture and Estate Management and Valuation; he forfeited the admission against what he called “military strategy to embed civilians thinking pattern, I have lived with the military all my life, I want to study in a civil environment and think like one.”He later on proceeded to Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria, where he attained a National Diploma in Technology and Management in the 2015/2018 session.

In September that same year, after his graduation, he proceeded with his Higher National Diploma (HND) program but tendered a letter of withdrawal to the school after a year of his program, accusing the college of corruption, malpractices, civil indiscipline, and nepotism. 

He later went on to attain a bachelor degree in Computer Science with a major in Cyber Security at Escae University, Republic of Benin where he graduated with a first-class and was given a sponsorship by Professor Musa Wakawa, the President of the Institute of Human Resource Management, Nigeria, and Greenview Business School, Lagos to proceed his Master’s Degree in Management Information System (MIS), and consequently thereupon was made an Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Cyber security.


Nicholas Ibenu Jr. Biography

Nicholas Ibenu has been known to be very controversial and a devoted idealist, due to his response to human’s affairs which are usually perceived most times by his speeches, writings, and acting. Ibenu formerly worked with business day, Nigeria where he served as an IT Engineer and currently still serving as an Assistant Professor at Escae University, and also the Dean of the Institute of Leadership and Human Resource Management.

He is a voracious Researcher and enthused excursionist with a deep passion for the promotion of human development.
He has written a few publications in local, national newspapers and has also contributed to international publications regarding security and human protection.
He has been hosted on several television interviews to talk on security including his last interview on Nigeria’s National Television Authority where he talked about security in the business environment.

He has authored a book titled “Rudiments of Information Technology (A Contemporary Guide for the Fourth Industrial Revolution), “Configurations and Operations of Network Security” and currently have a book in view titled “The Psychodynamics of Social Engineering Attacks (A Comprehensive Approach to Criminal Operations).”

Nicholas Ibenu Jr. Biography

He has contributed to scholarly materials including the famous book “Multidisciplinary Approach to Modern Digital Steganography'' where he contributed chapter four on Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Steganography and Steganalysis.

He is also a fellow member and the head of the Information Technology Department and Director of membership Mobilization of the institute of Leadership and Human Resource Management, Nigeria.

He focuses on area of research interest like IT research and theory, reverse engineering, information security and privacy, cyber warfare and counter-terrorism, International security and diplomacy and civil engagement and social justice.

Personal Life:-

Nicholas Ibenu Jr. Biography

Ibenu’s hallmark is his wide-rimmed glasses, moustache, and his trimmed beards. He has enormous affection for children and their education. He loves dancing and his best dancing style, is “Tango” Ibenu spoke fluently and confidently and plays with words in the English language with an adopted English accent when pronouncing certain words.

He is described as an “exceptionally complex personality, adding that very much is known of him to be very controversial.”

He is very serious, strict and a little comic in all his approach. He is very difficult to understand but very fun to be with.
He doesn’t take chances as one of his prime features is focus and excellence.He uses every minute of his time, not much to give to laughter and pleasure: and above all, single-minded and hate procrastination, he is always known to say, “Live and use every day as if it is your last day, by doing so, you make the best of life.”

Ibenu’s “self-disciplined, intelligence and appetite for hard work is remarkable,’ and his prime characteristics” is “tenderheartedness and resilience, and never take no for an answer as he believes all problems have a definite solution.’
Being that he was born in August, a lot of people have said that he shared so many character traits with the leopard because he is astoundingly strong, tall, agile, smart, brave, stubborn, secretive, and charismatic.

Most of his friends described Ibenu as having “a very humble, secretive and sharp, but sometimes rather aggressive, and can display unpleasant manners when he’s stressed and hungry.” Ibenu had a “paranoidal personality.” In that, while he did not suffer from clinical paranoia, he behaves in a paranoid fashion when placed under severe and sustained pressure.


Prof. Nicholas Ibenu who is most time called ‘the Controversial professor’ or ‘the mysterious professor’ has been known for numerous controversies, most especially his excerpt on publications and his claimed on numerous theories hepostulated.
His book Rudiments of Information Technology, he gave a different definition to steganography and so many other contexts which many scholarshas always challenge, but always excellent in subjective defense. He further said; “every truth has a way of looking at it, that truth is believed to be truth when it is debated beyond convincing reservation.

He was appointed Spokesman fora Community Association; a Non-Governmental Organization geared towards addressing the issues of conflicts, poverty, and economic exploitation, but later withdrew as most of his activities against the ruling class were melted with criticisms.
In December 2021 he was nominated by some young youths in Apapa local government, (area of Lagos State, West Africa Nigeria), as the best author of the year and his relentless contribution, and uncompromising faith in the development of youth intellectual capacity towards society building.Ibenu is loved by many at the same time opposed by critics for his solitary way of life.

His controversial views about everything have most timebeen explained away by his critics. He said, ‘there’s no absolute truth, everything we see, say and act is perceived by what he called factual delusion and God is what one should call absolute truth because He’s supreme.
For example;  Ibenu has be referred by many of his supporters as a practical idealist who formulate new theories and get people to follow his ideas, some of his critics has described him as manipulative, and ill-conceived theorist. A commentator on a blog site wrote;“

The guy Ibenu is one of the most manipulative and comic person I have ever seen in recent times. He has a very good understanding of human psychology and he abuses it by his controversial theory. He is so confident in his ideas that nothing else convinces what he believes.
His way of approaching questions are rhetorical, deceptive and mysterious.This guy can be a very good example of one who can rob a country’s treasury without a single weapon -Anonymous

Ibenu further argues that everything in existence in reality is a result of one’s inspiration and views towards every individual’s own perception and necessary fact as nothing is truth since truth itself is questionable. But his arguments are riddled with “pseudo-facts” and conspiracy theories.

Ideology (Ibenuism Theory)

Nicholas Ibenu belongs to a school of thought called “Ibenuism.” As a philosophical doctrine, Ibenuism recognizes ideas, feelings, and affections more important than material objects.
At the same time emphasizes that the human development should be in accordance to moral, ethical and spiritual values so that he acquires knowledge. 

He believes that the essential nature of man is spiritual which is revered in mental, religious and aesthetics areas. Nicholas Ibenu emphasizes that, religion is formed by man and should not be revered as entity that owns absolute truth as man is not perfect, and truth lies in the heart of men, not denomination.
The study of man should be more and more intense because man is endowed with higher intellectual powers and greater level of intelligence and discernment by his own moral and spiritual activities he can create things solve problems beyond human understanding because the soul of man is fully formed prior to man’s birth and it’s perfect. 

Ibenuism believes that materialism is belligerent to ideas because ideas pave ways for realities and without ideas nothing would have been formed or made, stressing that the only thing what knowing is search for truth, but truth itself is questionable, beauty, and beauty itself is deceiving, justice, and justice itself is lost in its current state, but in all aspect of human perception to life, truth, beauty, justice, and righteousness is the enduring fact to everlasting happiness.
The conscious reasoning of the mind creates a new solution to human problems thereby saving the suffering humanity from danger. 

Ibenuism believes that knowledge is everything and one should give up all he has to pursue it, one must be strip of everything and live like a soldier to harness solution in order to pave new ways to the world of opportunities.

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