Daniel Kaluuya Biography: Early Life, Age, Personal Life, Career, Education, Net Worth and Awards

January 06, 2022

Daniel Kaluuya is a British Actor born to Ugandan parents.

He is famously known for the compelling authenticity of his performances in the variety of roles he has played in movies.

Full Name: Daniel Kaluuya

Date of Birth: 24th February 1989

Age: 32

Nationality: England

Occupation: Actor

Education: Torriano Primary School & St. Aloysius College, Highgate

Net Worth: $15 million

Daniel Kaluuya age, personal life, net worth
Daniel Kaluuya

Who is Daniel Kaluuya?

Daniel Kaluya is a British actor born on 24th February, 1989 in London, England. He had already become popular in the U.K. on the hit series 'Skins' before he became a Hollywood star with his Oscar-nominated role in the movie, 'Get Out.'

Daniel Kaluuya Early Life

Daniel Kaluuya born to Ugandan parents, Damalie Namusoke and Stephen Kaluuya, was raised in Camden, England.

He grew up with his mother and his older sister on a council estate in Camden where he attended the all-boys St. Aloysius College.

He developed his acting skills through local theatre programs. He became a writer having written his first play at the age of 9 and had it performed locally at Hampstead Theatre. 

Daniel Kaluuya Personal Life

Daniel Kaluuya won't publicly comment on his love life, however, he is believed to be romantically involved with actress and producer, Amanda Crichlow.

Daniel Kaluuya Career

Daniel Kaluuya's acting career would begin at the age of 9 when he wrote his first play, had it play at the Hampstead theatre, and further developed himself at a program at the Anna Scher Theatre where his mother registered him.

Prior to this, he had abandoned his potential in acting for playing soccer.

After a four-year waiting period at the program, Daniel Kaluuya, as a restless teenager he was then, found a way for his creative energy through improvisation classes.

He became a cast member of the teen comedy-drama 'Skins' which earned him acclaim for his stage theatrics in Sucker Punch before he landed his major role in the United States as the lead character in the movie Get Out.

Daniel Kaluuya continued to develop as an actor and playwright through a youth program at the Hampstead theatre and got into show business by becoming an assistant at a shopping channel at the age of 16.

In 2006, Daniel Kaluuya was cast in the controversial BBC movie, 'Shoot the Messenger' as a teen. The movie was about a black teacher who was accused of anti-Black racism.

Daniel Kaluuya personal life, net worth, education
British Actor, Daniel Kaluuya

In 2007-10 he began writing for and acting in 'Skins' until 2013. Skins was a popular teen TV series about a group of young teenagers. He played the character, Posh Kenneth.

In 2008, Daniel Kaluuya appeared on the stage comedy of Oxford Street at London's Royal Court Theatre.

By 2010, he had already gained popularity and his role in 'Skins' led to offers for films like Chatroom and typical appearances on TV shows like:

  • Psychoville (2009-11)

  • Harry and Paul

  • The Fades (2011)

In the same 2010, after getting his start in theatre, Daniel Kaluuya played a boxer in a stage production of Sucker Punch.

The British Actor played in Doctor Who and later, in Black Mirror, a role that would eventually pave the way for his chances in Hollywood.

In 2011, Daniel Kaluuya was making headway on the big screen with roles in comedies, one of which was Johnny English Reborn.

In 2013,  he played in Kick-Ass 2 before he appeared in the lone season of the police comedy-drama 'Babylon.'

In the same 2013, he appeared in Trelawny at the Wells although critics were less impressed with his performance.

He would later make up for that by playing the role of a military leader, Joseph Mobutu in A Season in the Congo.


In 2015, he joined his first full-fledged American movie production where he played a part in the crime thriller Sicario alongside Emily Blunt.

In 2016's Blue/Orange, he played among the colorful characters of his Camden Housing Project where he played the role of a Psychiatric patient. 

In 2017, the famous comedy writer, Jordan Peele, after watching Daniel Kaluuya's episode of Black Mirror, got the British actor to headline his directorial debut, Get Out.

The racial horror film soon became a cultural phenomenon and it grossed over $25p million on a $4.5 million budget.  Also, the movie further made Daniel Kaluuya a star and earned him an Oscar, Golden, Globe, and SAG nominations for his performance.

Also, he claimed a BAFTA Rising Star Trophy even though his role was questioned by audiences who questioned his casting as an African American character when he is a British actor.

In 2018, Daniel Kaliuya played the role of an ally-turned-antagonist, W'Kabi in Black Panther, where he helped to make the Black+led superhero feature a global hit.

Also, in the same year, he played in 'Widows' as a ruthless gangster, Jatemme Manning.

In 2019, he played in the movie Queen and Slim alongside Jodie Turner-Smith. 

In 2021, Daniel Kaluuya played in Judas and the Black Messiah. He played the character of Fred Hampton, the Black Panther Party Chairman who met with his death at the hands of law enforcement in 1969.

At the same time, the British actor was facing pushbacks as a foreign-born actor playing iconic Black American. However, he continued to gain more glowing reviews for his outstanding performances. This would earn him the 2021 Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Critics Choice award for Best Supporting Actor, and SAG award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role.

Also, he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role.

Daniel Kaluuya Achievements

Among the many outstanding performances and awards received by the famous British actor, he launched his production company, 59%, in May 2019 and its first-look deal with Paramount Players.

"Over the years, I've been blessed to make work that speaks to audiences I identify with whilst pushing the envelope on what's possible," Daniel Kaluuya said.

"59% will be the home to continue that in a producorial capacity, to bridge the gap between the next wave of storytellers and studios."

Daniel Kaluuya Awards And Honors

Golden Globe Award - 2021 - as Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture

Academy Award - 2021 - as an Actor in a Supporting Role

Daniel Kaluuya Net Worth

Daniel Kaluuya is a British actor and writer who has a net worth of $15 million.

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