Kai September Biography: Age, Early Life, Net Worth, Career

January 09, 2022

Kai September 

Kai September is a young American hip-hop singer known for her passion and energy for the world of hip-hop music.

Full Name:    Kai September

Date of Birth:    September 13, 2000

Age:    22

Occupation: Hip-hop singer and rapper, song producer

Place of Birth:    South Carolinas

State of Origin:    South Carolina

Nationality:    United State

Net Worth:    $10,000 - $50,000

Kai September
Kai September

Who is Kai September?

Kai September, a young American singer, was born on September 13th, 2000 in South Carolinas. She is famous for her person in the new wave of hip-hop, a style varying from Rap to Pop, and is sure to keep an audience dancing.

Kai September is also a producer as she produces and engineers all of her music tracks by herself.

Early Life

Kai September, the 22-year-old American hip-hop singer, and producer, grew up in South Carolinas, United States of America trying to understand her environment and the people she met, as a kid.

This quest to gain understanding would lead her to choose music as a career.

It's important to know that we have not gathered enough information about this American hip-hop singer and producer at the moment. However, we will ensure we update this section when we receive some more.

Kai September bio


Kai September started her hip-hop music career at a young age. She has since dropped beautiful song albums and tracks as well as delivered outstanding stage performances.

She has released a 15 track album titled 'Hole in My Heart.'

Kai September's Songs

In 2021, the young American hip-hop singer, Kai September released her album titled 'Hole In My Heart.' The album contained 15 tracks:

1. Just Apologize

2. Giving Me Love

3. Hole in My Heart

4. Piece of Perfection

5. Up My Walls

6. We Over

7. Deep Thought

8. Memories

9. Anxiety

10. Rest In Peace Ft. 30 Deep Grimey

11. Weak

12. Overnight

13. Forgive Me

14. If I Got You

15. Violin

Personal Life

Kai September's personal life is not disclosed yet, however, the young rapper is a lover of luxury. You could tell this by her luxurious vehicles which include mostly Benz of X-Classic, GLK, and more.

We will update this section when we have more information on Kai September.

Net Worth

The 22-year-old American rapper and producer, Kai September's net worth is estimated around $10,000-$50,000.

We will update this section when we have the accurate information.

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