We Compiled The Funniest Mummy GO Memes - So Funny!

January 07, 2022

Mummy GO

Mummy GO has been trending for the past few days and this is like we have never seen. A lot of Nigerians are not new to hearing of Jesus Christ coming soon and how God in heaven is telling humans over here how to dress and live, but there's something totally different.
So many of them happened before the internet became this popular and were taken way more serious. I remember packing numbers of revelation messages home to never watch them because I wanted to make heaven, and this is the gist for another day!

So who's behind the whole Mummy GO trend?

Well, we have no other than our own Mummy Funmilayo Adebayo, the famous G.O. Not much was known about her until late last year when her videos began to make rounds online.
We saw the first video, then another and then another, and we stopped counting.
I'm not even here to talk about the woman, since she doesn't need an introduction anymore. You can read her full biography on this page.

I can hear Mummy GO saying 'Comrade, are you mocking me?'
Funniest Mummy GO Memes

If your tweets appeared here, meet me after service.
Funniest Mummy GO Memes
Are you not taking life a bit more personal?
Funniest Mummy GO Memes

Wo my own comrade no dey misyarn o
Funniest Mummy GO Memes

Abi nau?

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