Savvy Rinu And Putin: Why Is She Trending On Twitter?

February 26, 2022

Savvy Rinu And Putin: Why Is She Trending On Twitter?

'PUTIN IS A WAR CRIMINAL!!!', screamed Savvy Rinu on Twitter in the early hours of Thursday, the 24th of February. It was supposed to be a regular tweet, since almost everyone, including the Russians, wanted to hang the president on gallows.

Things however took the other turn when Nigerians turned the table around with claims that 'Rinu' was trying to make this about herself, just the same way she did during the EndSARS time.
Pathetic! I will really call it, remember we were in the Lekki protest together? 

It turns out there may be other reasons but honestly, I don't know why I am making this post. There is really no reason why we should raise the dust about the issue. Rinu Oduala didn't make a post against the wave, and she wasn't trying to make the news.
The 23-year-old Lagos State University former student has since turned off the comment on some of her posts, while still in the dark on why she was trending on the blue app.

She has since then shared a lot of helpful tweets, especially related to Nigerians in Ukraine looking to escape to safety.

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