Step By Step How To Load Glo Card With Serial Number

February 18, 2022

Step By Step How To Load Glo Card With Serial Number

In this tutorial, we'd be seeing all you need to know about loading your Glo card with the serial number. Globacom is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company founded on 29 August 2003 by Mike Adenuga. With more than 45 million subscribers, 45 million subscribers it has been ranked the second-largest operator in Nigeria.

With these stats, you should know why it's become imperative that we discuss today's topic. We've over the years, gotten several emails from our followers on how to retrieve an over-scratched recharge card PIN.

Why load your card with the serial number?

Things don't always turn out as expected and sometimes, we can over scratch our airtimes in such a way that the pins in them are no longer readable. When this happens, what do you do? Throw the card away? Guess the digits?

Hmmm...that's when the serial numbers come to play. You'll notice that in addition to the unique recharge codes, all the airtimes also have unique serial numbers.

How do I load Glo cards with serial numbers?

This brings us to the primary topic of the to use the serial numbers to load the card.

You'll agree with me that the recharge cards we buy usually contain three sets of numbers;
- The PIN code
- The serial number
- Batch number/expiry date.

To find a scratched recharge card, always make a note of the serial number printed on it.

You can load your over-scratched Glo recharge card through a simple dial-up connection to customer service. The Glo customer service number is +234-805-002-0121 for other networks, 121 and 200 are toll-free for the GLO network

A few seconds after the call, you should speak to a GLO service representative.

Post your complaint, you will be asked to provide the serial number and a visible pin of d above the scratched area.

After that, your talk time will be automatically downloaded to your SIM.

What more? Thanks for reading along. Don't forget to share if the article helped you.

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