Yinka Ayefele Biography: Wife, Children, Career, Accident Story

February 02, 2022

Yinka Ayefele is a popular Nigerian Yoruba gospel singer. He has released up to 15 Yoruba gospel albums and has since received over 200 awards.

Yinka Ayefele
Yinka Ayefele

This article is about Yinka Ayefele. It contains Yinka Ayefele's biography, net worth, age, family, songs, and everything else we know about him.

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Yinka Ayefele Profile

Full Name: Olayinka Ayefele (Yinka Ayefele)

Date of Birth: February 1st, 1968

Age: 54

State of Origin: Ekiti State, Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian

Education: Ondo State College of Arts and Science, Ikare Akoko in Ondo State, Nigeria

Occupation: Music producer, Gospel Artist

Net Worth: $250,000

Who is Yinka Ayefele?

Yinka Ayefele, Olanyinka Ayefele, is a popular Yoruba singer in Nigeria. He is one of the most popular Yoruba gospel artists in the country too.

Also, Yinka Ayefele is popularly known as Tungba-highlife musician.

He doubles as a songwriter and music producer.

Yinka Ayefele Early Life

Yinka Ayefele, OON, was born on February 1st, 1968 in Ondo State, Nigeria.

He was born into the family of Chief Joshua Taiwo Ayefele from Ipoti Ekiti in Ijeri Ekiti Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

It was also in Ipoti Ekiti that Yinka Ayefele grew up and had his primary and secondary school education.

How Old is Yinka Ayefele?

Yinka Ayefele is 54 years old. 

He was born on February 1st, 1968.

Yinka Ayefele Education

Yinka Ayefele had his primary education at Our Saviour's Anglican Primary School, Ipoti Ekiti. Also, he had his secondary education in the same town.

Afterward, he attended the Ondo State College of Arts and Science, Ikare Akoko in Ondo State, Nigeria.

Yinka Ayefele Career

Yinka Ayefele's musical career started with him as a journalist and broadcaster at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Ibadan. While he worked there, he produced jingles and musical works on the radio.

However, his musical career started in 1997 after he suffered a ghastly motor accident that caused severe damage to his spinal cord and confined him to a wheelchair.

He spent about nine months in the hospital and one day, his friend, Kola Olaniyi, visited and advised him to put his survival story in a song.

He started singing in early 1999 when he released his The Bitter Experience album and launched it to raise some money to settle his medical bills.

After it was successful, he decided to fully go into Yoruba gospel music and he has since been on that career path after the Bitter Experience album shot him into the limelight.

Yinka Ayefele has released more music albums such as Sweet Experience, Something Else, Divine Intervention, and many others.

Also, he released the Life After Death album which he dedicated to a Nigerian musician, radio presenter, and comedian, Gbenga Adeboye.

Yinka Ayefele has done greatly for himself since then. In 2013, Yinka was one of the popular gospel singers who graced and performed at the dinner party of the former Nigerian first lady, Patience Jonathan, wife of the former president of Nigeria, His Excellency Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

By 2015, Yinka Ayefele had already released over 15 studio albums. We will share some of his albums below.

Yinka Ayefele Music Albums

  1. Bitter Experience (1998)

  2. Sweet Experience (1999)

  3. Something Else (2000)

  4. Divine Intervention (2001)

  5. Fun Fair (2002)

  6. Life After Death (2003)

  7. Aspiration (2003)

  8. Fulfillment (2004)

  9. New Dawn (2005)

  10. Next Level (2006)

  11. Gratitude (2007)

  12. Absolute Praise (2008)

  13. Transformation (2009)

  14. Everlasting Grace (2010)

  15. Prayer Point (2011)

  16. Goodness Of God (2012)

  17. Comforter (2013)

  18. Yín Olúwa (2014) (Single

  19. Overcomer (2014

  20. Upliftment (2015)

  21. Fresh Glory (2016

  22. Living Testimony (2017)

  23. Favor (2018)

Yinka Ayefele Personal Life

This section discussed Yinka Ayefele's wife and children.

Yinka Ayefele wife and children
Yinka Ayefele, Wife, Temitope Titilope and Children

Yinka Ayefele is married to the love of his life, Temitope Titilope. Yinka Ayefele got married to his wife, Temitope Titilope in 2000. They have three children; all boys.

They have been married for over 20 years. The couple had earlier met in 1996 before Yinka Ayefele experienced a ghastly motor accident in 1997. 

Yinka Ayefele Awards And Endorsements 

Yinka Ayefele has received many awards and recognitions since began in the music industry. He has received over 200 awards. 

Some of the notable ones include:

  • Officer of the Order of the Niger awarded by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, former President of Nigeria (2011)

  • Ekiti cultural ambassador award

  • Presenter Extraordinaire 2015

Yinka Ayefele Net Worth

Yinka Ayefele net worth is estimated at around $270,000.

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