2023: Gov. Obiano's Aide Set to Resign amid Federal House of Representatives

March 14, 2022

2023: Gov. Obiano's Aide Set to Resign amid Federal House of Representatives

Things currently taking a new twist in Anambra State politics. The former Executive assistant to the governor of Anambra State on community liaison, which is currently serving as Special Assistant to the governor on community relations Prince Eze Chianumba, has set to resign the position ahead of the 2023 general election, which is recently scheduled by INEC to hold on February 25th 2023.

He made this known to newsmen during his Clarion call to the office of Chief of Staff to the Governor Mr. Primus Odili at government house Awka.

According to him, his resignation is due to recent amended electoral act signed by President Buhari that all public office holders are to resign from office on or before 12 months to the election.

Prince Eze Chianumba in his further remarks to the Chief of Staff express an agelong backwardness of his constituency (Anambra West) on lack of infrastructural amenities especially the road linking Anam-Kogi federal highway which if completed, become the fastest route to Nigeria capital territory Abuja in the whole of southern Nigeria.

He said " we have suffered and we're going to stop our suffering by ourselves, we have patiently waited for non-Anambra West indigene to put to stop to our suffering, but the long awaited time is overdue, we can't be hoping for another constituent to help ameliorate our problem while theirs is deteriorating.

To fastrack infrastructural development in Anambra West, an Anambra West indigene must represent ndi Anambra West in the green chamber, two major problem in my constituency is road infrastructure and electricity, it's only when we get onye Anambra West elected that these problems will be solved.

Recall that the partial construction on the Anam-Kogi highway and electrification was done during when an Anambra West indigene was elected in 2007 under an eye watch of Hon. Ralph Okeke, which later abandoned immediately he left office as federal lawmaker.

It's time to revive the same spirit of getting onye Anambra West elected and rejuvenate the infrastructural development ahead"

Eze Chianumba in his news briefing at government house, also lamented the readiness to represent actively not only the people of Anambra West but also Anambra East, where he outlined the needed projects in Anambra East that requires attention of federal government.

He stated:

" Construction of Aguleri federal highway at Enugu-Otu/Mkpunando-Echengwa highway connecting Kogi State is important road network, which will ease the people of Anambra East going to Kogi rather than passing through Anambra West or Enugu State, another federal highway from Onitsha that passes through Aguleri-Ayemelum-Adani to Nsukka in Enugu State is very necessary, all these are very crucial project that was overlooked by past national assembly members from the constituency"

As a young youth who's aspiring the office of Federal House of Representatives, I am going to bring this projects in these constituency done and many more within 4 years of elected into national assembly, the youthful voice of the 21st century must be heard.

'Ka youth jekene'

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