Appreciation Letter To Gov.Willie Obiano By Anambra West Political Appointees

March 17, 2022

Appreciation Letter To Gov.Willie Obiano By Anambra West Political Appointees

Heartfelt Appreciation to an Examplary Leader, GOV. WILLIE OBIANO From all Anambra West Political Appointees. We, the entire political appointees from Anambra West extraction of the state wish to cordially express our undaunted gratitude to the indefatigable governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Gov. Willie Obiano, for his thoughtfulness in finding us apt and fit to have served in his prestigious Administration in diverse capacities.

Of a truth, Your Excellency, your uncommon wisdom cum magnanimity in appointing a remarkable number of us from our Local Government Area, is a clear indication of your quest and desire to offer an exemplary leadership model and to establish a general sense of belonging across the entire state in all fronts, devoid of sentiment and favouritism.

Furthermore, your actions are really speaking louder than words,  as you were able to pragmatically translate your developmental dreams and  blue prints into reality.
There is absolutely no gain saying that your mammoth projects are visible in all corners of the state for even the blind to see. Indeed, you have practically set the developmental pace in the state for subsequent Administrations to maintain, so as to land us in our desired destination.
This singular gesture is no doubt, worthy of emulation and everlasting remembrance.

Essentially, all Political Appointees from Anambra West are grateful and privileged to have humbly made our inputs in your Administration that is widely seen and considered to be the best in the historical trace of the political chronicle of the state.
There is no doubt, this general conception will definitely stand the test of time in the memories of all Anambrarians.

We wish to equally congratulate you, on your successful completion of your constitutionally required two terms in office as our visionary Governor, having meritoriously served the state in line with the desires and aspirations of the people.
You have truly redefined qualitative as well as exemplary leadership, in the cause of performing your primary functions as the number one citizen of our dear State. Your unifying cum pacifistic disposition is highly acknowledged in all quarters of the state.

As a result, we sincerely thank you, and equally pray God to perpetually protect, guide and favour you and your immediate family for higher engagement in the future, as you bow out of office in the next couple of hours. We forever remain grateful for your hitherto displayed spirit of benevolence.

Thank you.


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