EU Ukrainian President’s Plea Of An ‘Immediate’ Membership

March 01, 2022

EU Ukrainian President’s Plea Of An ‘Immediate’ Membership

The European Union has rejected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's plea of an immediate membership for his country. In a major setback to the country's aim to join the Union, the 27-member EU has rejected the country’s President’s request for quick membership.

Recall that President Zelenskyy had on Monday, requested a special procedure, claiming that it would assist other European states to stand together and offer Kyiv a stronger footing in dealing with the ongoing confrontation between Russia and Ukraine.

Between the existing members of the European Union, there was a clear division over the admission of Ukraine in the bloc. While more than six nations have expressed support for Ukraine’s membership, Germany and France have stated that it will not be possible to do so soon. The officials in the bloc have cited lengthy procedures behind the rejection of this request.

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