Snazzy the Optimist: The Genre Bending Artist Charting his Unique Terrain.

May 17, 2022

Snazzy the Optimist

Meet Snazzy the Optimist the Nigerian born, South African raised youngster who has a plethora more to offer, and is readily carving his own path into becoming a voice in the future of next-gen music across the globe. The young musician had ensnared the attention of many with his momentous single “Seluna” which charted on the Nigerian iTunes Chart and has accumulated him more than 350,000 streams on all music streaming stores. Snazzy understands the value of his musical platform and is setting his sight towards making a difference through his art.

Singer-songwriter and rapper Michael Chimeruche Alozie professionally known as Snazzy the Optimist is a native of Imo State in Nigeria, born into a fully musical family. His father is a great instrumentalist who was a member of a Choir in a church in South Africa where Snazzy the Optimist was raised, Snazzy’s grandfather also played the drums. To Snazzy the Optimist, his genuine enthusiasm keeps him controversial and optimistic about his craft, as he shares with us in an interview on the Life of a young creative in the state of Imo.

Imo State is the third smallest area in Nigeria but is fourteenth most populous with an estimated population of over 5.4 million as of 2016, It takes its name from the Imo River which flows along the state's eastern border. Imo is profiled as one of the most beautiful people in Nigeria, over the past 10 years they have produced a substantial amount of mainstream music stars in the country, including Naeto C, Samklef, Blaqbonez and Pardon C.

Snazzy the Optimist was able to share his growth process with us, how dense it was recording in Local studios in Cape Town where he grew up and the struggles enmeshed in pushing his musical aspirations. Before he was Snazzy, Snazzy the Optimist performed under the stage name, ‘Lil Snazzy’. He released 2 mixtapes under that moniker on SoundCloud, He rarely talks about those days or his previous moniker.

Snazzy the Optimist is also a self taught guitarist, he grew up listening to rap music, Pop and R&B/Soul.

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