Lami Cruise Biography, Early Life, Career And Net Worth

June 24, 2022

Lami Cruise

Maruf Oyinkansola Salami professionally known as Lami Cruise is a Nigerian American Rapper, Song Writer & Creative Director from New York City. Lami Cruise was born December 18th, 1996. In Ibadan, Nigeria. Lami’s parents were fortunate enough to win a VISA lottery about one week after his birth moving to The Bronx , New York City where they raised him and his two brothers.

Lami was raised in a low income neighborhood in The Bronx known as “HighBridge”. He grew up quite a troubled child as he always got into fights at school because certain students would make fun of his seemingly unusual foreign name. As time progressed his parents eventually moved out the South Bronx to their first house in The East Gun Hill Road section of North Bronx.

At age 10 shortly after moving his parents had a divorce which forced Lami to move to Queens New York where he lived out his teenage years being raised by only his mother. Due to some delinquent behaviors Lami got into as a teenager he was sent back home for 2 years to school at  “KINGS INTL. COLLEGE” in Moniya and COMMAND SECONDARY SCHOOL in Apata, Ibadan. 

Although Lami was always musically inclined It was at these school where staff and students began to take notice of his talent and infectious personality. 

Entertainment Career

Unlike most, Lami knew from a  young age that music is would be his life passion. By age 5 he was leading choirs at school singing “I believe I can fly”. At home he was influenced by his Dad’s playlist which consisted mostly of R.Kelly, Micheal Jackson and Wasiu Ayinde. 

Let’s fast forward to age 19 when his underground career started. He released several freestyles online which started gaining traction within the close knit Nigerian American community of New York. During a Fulbright Scholars Program he attended at “University of Ibadan” Lami was invited to Yinka Ayefele’s Fresh FM to Play his music. From there Lami went out to release several mixtapes and do several college shows until he finally dropped a sleeper hit single “Resurrect” in 2021 which blew up online about 5 months after its release. Lami Cruise is currently independent and plans on staying so until the right deals presents itself. 

Net Worth

Lami Cruise’s Net Worth is estimated to be between 100k - 500k USD.

Social Media Handles

You can connect with Lami Cruise:

Instagram: @Lami_Tsunami
TikTok: topfloregeneral
[email protected]

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