The Val Okafor Company Trains Over 150 School Prefects On Legacy-Driven Leadership

July 23, 2022

The Val Okafor Company Trains Over 150 School Prefects On Effective Leadership Development

There is a challenge for transformational leadership in the world today, especially in Africa and specifically, Nigeria. On a daily basis, the impact of this challenge rubs off on our economy, education system and overall development as a Nation.

It is on this premise that we launched one of the foremost leadership training in the country, tagged, " legacy-driven leadership program" with the intention of developing the leadership capital of young people who will take up leadership batons in the nearest future.

This is a program pioneered by The Val Okafor Company; a human capital development organisation with a unique mandate to raise a new breed of transformational leaders in Africa.

Val Okafor

On the 9th of July, 2022 over 150 Prefects from nine schools in Jos, Nigeria attended this mindshifting leadership training. This program was hosted by The Redeemed People's Academy, Jos. 

They were made to understand that leadership is not just a position, neither is it commanding fear or coercing others against their wish. Rather, leadership is change making, problem solving and legacy building.

Furthermore, these young leaders were exposed to the fundamentals of self discovery, effective leadership development, body image and body boundary rules.

We are proud to say that our organisation empowered over 150 young persons with the knowledge and skills necessary for legacy-driven leadership. Indeed, this is no mean feat!

We went ahead to give them the task of going back to their various schools to train other leaders under them. This includes the class monitors and team heads. This was to achieve a ripple effect of the impact of this training.

The Val Okafor Company

The Val Okafor Company believes strongly in securing the future by empowering the younger generation. For this reason, we train, empower and mentor young people to develop and harness their potentials, unique ideas, talents and abilities.

This way, the world is blessed with a fresh breath of responsible future leaders.

After recording mind-blowing feedback from the attendees, we're poised to raise the bar with a more larger option for more young leaders to get equipped for future responsibilities.

Special thanks to our partners, faculty of facilitators, volunteers and sponsors for ensuring the success of the legacy-driven leadership program.

Blessing Uchenna, Executive Associate, The Val Okafor Company

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