4+ Easy Tips On How To Sell Digital Products In Nigeria

May 29, 2020

4+ Easy Tips On How To Sell Digital Products In Nigeria
It is not so easy to sell digital products in Nigeria, but it is very essential if you must make money as an internet marketer.
It is generally believed that Nigerians don't purchase things online, and they don't pay for digital products, but I think that's just one very fat lie.

I'm a Nigerian, and I've spent hundreds of dollars online purchasing courses and they are of course, the closest examples of digital products you can mention.

I can't remember ever paying for music or a movie (except in cinemas), and the reason is simply revolving around our Naira-USD exchange rates.
Take for instance, Justin Bieber's 'Changes' album is on sale on Amazon for $11.49. If you were to pay in Naira at the current exchange rate, it will be ₦4,481.

Why Do Nigerians Rarely Purchase Digital Products?

There are so many reasons Nigerians rarely purchase digital products, and they revolve around the Naira-USD exchange rate, since most sellers consider only the prices in USD before placing their selling prices.

Now, some Nigerians earn a monthly salary of ₦12,000, and you can imagine having to release one-third of your salary to download a music album.

Aside the music, we can site another example with Netflix. Their most affordable subscription plan, the Basic costs $7.99, and that's around ₦3,116 at the current exchange rate.

After subscribing to the plan, you have to use your data to stream it, and it will be consuming nothing less than 60 gig of data, if you are to enjoy it everyday. That would mean some extra ₦18,000+ on your pocket, and that is much for an average salary earner in the country.

YouTube is free, but most Nigerians use the Airtel and Glo night plans to surf it.

Now, why did I give all these examples? Before you will succeed as a digital marketer in Nigeria, you have to find out what we would most likely patronize and sell them to us.

To sell digital products in Nigeria, first of all find out the things you want to sell, and know pretty well that the best selling products are tutorials, whether cheats and browsing twerks, making money online, cooking, sporting, health and anything, tutorials sell best.

Nigerians are not that much fan of paid software, I have only had to pay for a few when I couldn't get a free alternative, and it's the same with most of us, so your software has to be really good, and not so expensive if you are targeting the average Nigerian internet user.

Now, before we continue, we would be seeing a brief explanation of digital products.

What Are Digital Products?

Digital products are soft copies of products, made available for downloads or can just be accessed online whether for free or some sort of remuneration, ie cash or kind.

They are digital goods or e-goods, and are intangible products.

Types Of Digital Products

The different types of digital products you can access include:
  • Ebooks: These are probably one of the most popular, and are mostly available in PDF formats.
  • Videos: Videos can also be digital products, and you make money online packaging and selling tutorial videos.
  • Podcasts: With time, podcasts have grown to become very popular digital products, and you can make good money recording audios and selling online.
  • Photos: Maybe you didn't know, but you can earn a living online selling photos on Shutterstock and other websites.
  • Graphic designs: If you can make good graphic designs, you can as well sell them online.
  • Software: Making and selling software are probably one of the most lucrative forms of digital marketing, and you can hire programmers to create for you then resell if you do not know how to do that yourself.
  • Premium Subscription Plan: You can create a website or an app offering a particular service, and people will pay to subscribe and access them.

How Much Can You Make From The Selling Of Digital Products?

As I have always said, there is no minimum or maximum amount of money you can make from a particular source of income, as far as the internet is concerned.
Let's assume you are selling an ebook on how to create a website for ₦7,500, if you successfully land a hundred sales, you have just made ₦750,000.

It however isn't as easy as it looks, you will have to invest in paid advertisements, masterclasses and more to be able to sell well, except you are already an authority and well-known in the niche.

However, this is much easier if you know the way through, and we will be seeing them.

How To Successfully Sell Your Digital Products As A Nigerian

There are no exact steps on how to sell digital products in Nigeria, but I will be sharing some tips that worked for me.
  • Make sure your product is solving a problem

Nigerians won't pay for a product except it is solving a problem for them, even if it is boredom. You can sell anything if you make the people need them.

Games, ebooks, podcasts, videos and more can sell well online, and you only need a good copywriter to pass your ideas to your target audience.
  • Affordable products sell best

By this, I'm not asking you to sell it very cheap, of course so cheap also makes it look like it is not worth is.

Have confidence in your product, and place it somewhat the same price other products of similar value are placed.

One of my ebooks is selling well because I slashed ₦500 off what others are selling their own, especially people appearing on the first page of Google with me for the same topic.
  • You need a website

No matter the product, you need a website to sell effectively. Some customers won't purchase it the first time and you talk about the product.

The Facebook, Twitter or even Google ads shouldn't take your potential customers to another Facebook page or something, but your own website.

You can hire us to set up your website at only $70 (instead of $150), and we will give you a free copy of our ebook, Blogging 101: The Millionaire Next Door.

The ebook covers everything you need to know about how we grew our websites and other people's own from less than 100 daily page views to over 20,000 page views each.

After getting people to your website, get their emails and send them friendly emails and free tutorials. It will give them the impression that you are good in what you are trying to sell, and it will improve the conversion rate.
  • Promote!

Don't just write about the digital product on your website and wait for your potential audience to discover you, run paid advertisements.

You will be able to reach out to more people on Facebook, Twitter and even via paid Google ads if you invest a little.

You can use $10 to reach more than 6,000 people on Facebook, and if you land 100 sales out of that, you know how much you have made.

No matter what, don't see it as a hobby, see it as a business.

After doing everything, you can also decide to organise giveaways to generate more conversions. It could be a kind of pay for one and get two or something like that.

They work like magic. I have paid for things I didn't need online several times only because there was a slash in their prices or the people offered me an extra product for free.

No matter what it takes, you need to be very creative to sell digital products in Nigeria.
Thanks a lot for treading along.
What do you think? Which strategies have been working for you?
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