How To Earn On Inksnation And All You Need To Know About Them

June 11, 2020

How To Earn On Inksnation And All You Need To Know About Them
Before joining, you need to know how to earn on Inksnation and what it is all about.
Now before I begin, this Inksnation's review is independent of any external influence.

I haven't joined the platform, and advise you to make enough researches before you make any financial commitments.

Inksnation Review And A Few Things You Need To Know About The Platform

The Inksnation scheme was started by iBSmartify.
According to the company, they aim at reducing or (possibly) eradicating poverty in the country starting from August.

Now, here is how it works, from my researches.

You register with ₦1,000 to earn ₦4,000 daily for life. This is the Bronze Plan, and you earn ₦120,000 monthly.

If you register with ₦10,000 for the Silver Plan, you earn ₦6,000 daily and it will total ₦180,000 monthly.

The Gold Plan is next, and you register with ₦100,000 to be earning ₦8,000 daily. It will bring in ₦240,000 monthly.
The Diamond Plan is the highest, and you register with ₦1 million. It will be bringing in ₦10,000 daily and ₦300,000 monthly.

All payments will begin by the 12th of August, 2020, and there is no resubscription or further payment. You earn for life.

Who Is The Founder Of Inksnation?

The founder of Inksnation is no other person than Mr. Omotade Spark Amos Sewanu.
He is also the CEO of iBSmartify, which is the parent company of the later.

The company has its head office at:

No. 19, Posukoh Quarters, via, Joseph Dosu Way, Badagry, Lagos.
You can also find their contact phone number on Google.

Inksnation Website and App

The Inksnation official website is, and I don't think they have an official app for now.
To sign up for the platform or sign in, kindly use their official website. The platform is growing, and there may be many scammers who will pose as their officials.
Let's be guided.

How To Earn On The Inksnation Platform

On how to earn on Inksnation, you do not need to take any action currently, except to benefit from the referral earnings.
All you need to do is sign up, pay your activation fee and sit quietly.
Now, the scheme hasn't paid out any money yet, but their CEO wrote an open letter to EFCC asking to be jailed for life if this doesn't work out.
I regret not buying bitcoins till now, and I won't let this slide me by again.

The company will probably be trading or growing blockchains with our monies, and we will be earning commissions.
Business goes faster when there's enough capital, and you all can be called investors now...Lol!
It might not look promising, but at least the money is too minute to be looked over.

From my researches, here's how the Inksnation System works:-

  • First, you join with ₦1,000, ₦10,000 or any other amount according to your plan of interest.
  • Then you will verify your account and do the necessary requirements, ie creating and snapping with the ID card.
  • You will be credited with ₦70,000 that you will use in turn to refer people and approve their accounts.
If someone comes for a plan of ₦10,000 through you, you sign them up and the balance becomes ₦60,000.

The new referral will pay the money to your account.
  • After consuming the ₦70,000 you started with, you remit ₦20,000 to the company and take ₦50,000 to yourself.
  • You will be credited with another ₦70,000 to get started again.
The platform is run by your referral earnings from my observation, and you probably need to refer to earn.

It is not yet well defined, and I will be including more information as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for reading along.
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