7 Amazing Tips On How To Start A Barbing Saloon In Nigeria

July 31, 2020

How To Start A Barbing Saloon In Nigeria
Barbing saloons have evolved to becoming some of the greatest sources of income for Nigerians, especially people who really know the trade.
There are several men who visit the barber twice a week, either to get a full haircut or just shave their beards.

Have you thought about how much these barbers rake in regularly? The business is not a very loud one, and rarely needs advertisements. Your customers spread the good news themselves, and most barbers I've ever visited their shops were based on referrals.

Now, have you ever thought about starting your own barbing saloon? Imagine charging ₦250 per customer and you get 40 in a day, you'd have made ₦10,000. Excluding the money for fuel, and this won't even be in the question if you're staying in a location where electricity is common.

Starting a barbing saloon is a very lucrative business, and if you learn very well, success is a guarantee.

Some of the things you need to run a barbing saloon include:
  • A shop in a good location

One of the things you need to succeed as a barber is a shop in a good, well-accessible location. If the shop can be situated somewhere close to a residential area, it is the best idea and people can walk in and out without needing to go far from their homes.

Your immediate neighbours are your first and greatest customers, and should never be toiled with. They will do the great job of advertising for you.
  • Furnishing of the shop

If you can make it to look so classic, you will be attracting the best customers. Some people will be coming around just to watch your TV, and some will patronise your saloon so they can take cool TikTok videos.

You will need chairs, tables, scissors, scissors, towels, carpets, television set, music player and other things to make it stand out of the rest.
  • Purchase original clippers

Go for the best clippers, and make sure you check reviews before purchasing if you want to get them online.

They will save you a lot of headache and serve you better.
  • Get a steriliser

Since most of your customers will be using your clipper, it is best to get a steriliser. It will help you preserve the clippers and keep them safe from infections, as well as give the customers the confidence that they are in safe hands.
  • Get a stand-by generator

You will need to have a stand-by generator to avoid disappointments. These things are man-made, and there are no guarantees they will always be fine.

Having an extra by the side will help save you from having to leave your customers with half hair cut while trying to sort out the issues with the generator in case needs arise.

Thanks a lot for reading along. Barbing saloons can be very lucrative, especially when you play your card very well.

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