How To Start A Football Viewing Centre In Nigeria

July 31, 2020

How To Start A Football Viewing Centre In Nigeria
If there is anything that brings men together, aside drinking, it is football.
From the 11 year older kids to the 75 year old grandfathers, the male love for football cannot be underrated, and it looks like they catch more fun from watching it in the public.

Many people prefer to watch the matches in football betting shops like the Bet9ja, MerryBet and Nairabet, while the rest prefer to pay at a bar or any other viewing centre, watch the match and vibe to the arguments associated with such gathering of males.

Now, some viewing centres charge ₦50 per match, while others charge ₦100. If you charge ₦50 per match and get 100 viewers, you will have made ₦5,000 that night, and if you charge ₦100, you would be going home with ₦10,000.

The cost of fuelling the generator for the two hours of match would not be more than ₦1,000 and the rest is your profit.

You can even decide to start a minibar, since men would always be men, your drinks would be sure of getting sold.

Things Needed To Start-Up A Football Viewing Centre

Some of the things you need to put in place before you build a football viewing centre include;
• A good generator, possibly one more standby in case something comes wrong during the match, as a single disappointment can cost you a great deal of customers
• Two plasma television sets
• Standing fans, ceiling fans or even air-conditioner to keep your customers comfortable
• Cable TV with current subscription
• Plastic or wooden seats
• A refrigerator in case you want to be selling drinks also

After getting the things you need, it's time to set up the business.
You have to:

• Get a very good location

If it is near a students' area, it will be a good idea. Other places you should consider include junctions, near churches, mosques, local food eateries and places like that.

Make sure it is big, or you can get an empty land, build the viewing centre yourself and secure it the best way. It has to be big enough to contain at least 300 people so you don't get to stuff your customers together.

• Set up the venue

After getting the good location, then it's time to set up the venue. Get plastic seats, or hire a carpenter to build wooden ones.

Purchase the required items and set up your TV, air-conditioners, fans and any other things.

• Use a good cable network

The best cable networks in the country currently are DSTv and GoTV, but you can go for the other ones to make sure you have the matches live and in the best viewing quality.

Selling drinks and other edible wares can be a good additional source of revenue, and you will be able to retain your customers.

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