EpayNaija Investment Review - Scam Or Legit? Read This Before You Pay

July 03, 2020

EpayNaija Investment Review
Our EpayNaija Investment review is independent of any external influences, and was written to give you a hint of what it looks like.
Make sure you do more researches before making any financial commitments and you can check the internet for other reviews.

Introduction To The EpayNaija Investment Program

The EpayNaija Investment program is a Ponzi scheme, more or less like the MMM and the other ones.
The major differences between the EpayNaija Investment and the earlier Ponzi schemes is the re-commitment system.

With this, you need to invest twice before you cash out ones and it continues moving that way.
It was put in place to reduce the issues the earlier Ponzis had, especially with people leaving after cashing out.
When your money is in the networking program, you can't leave and the system will keep on running.

If you want to know more about it, you can check the Profit Arena program and the Wazobia Investment program programs.

Who Owns The EpayNaija Investment Program?

The official website's domain was bought on the 14th of June, 2020 so it's pretty new.

There was however no given information on the owners of the platform, and the name of the buyer of the domain was hidden.

How Does The EpayNaija Investment System Work?

Now, here's a quick run down on how the system works.
  • When you sign up, you pay a one time activation fee of ₦1,000
  • You invest anything, as little as ₦2,000
  • After the first investment, you will be needed to re-commit so the system can keep running
  • You will be merged in the next 48 hours to get help, and it continues like that.
There's also a 4% referral bonus, and you can refer as much people as possible.

Is The EpayNaija Investment Program Legit Or Scam?

Well, they have been paying people, and we can't tell for exact how long it will last.
You can search for other EpayNaija Investment review online before making your investments.
They didn't provide any information on the owners, but you can contact them via their website's contact form or the live chat.
They also have a Telegram group which you can join.


There's a buzz in Ponzi schemes as of recent, and you need to shine your eyes to avoid stories that touch.
If you have tried the website, or have issues with it, don't forget to drop us your comments below.

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