Write And Get Paid In Nigeria - 12 Legit Websites Currently Paying Writers

July 02, 2020

Write And Get Paid In Nigeria - 12 Legit Websites Currently PayingWriters
This article is for people who want to write and get paid in Nigeria.
It doesn't matter the type of articles, fiction or non-fictions, adventure health or any other topics you can write on.
You can make 6 figures online, or offline creating contents for people and of course, yourself.
Personally, I prefer writing for myself, and will be giving some of my reasons.
First, we are all trying to escape the chains of employment. I once had a boss who was so difficult to work with.

I make a single mistake, next thing my phone will be ringing. I was working on her blog and I must confess it wasn't really a nice experience for a beginner.

Secondly, you don't owe any rights to the work. Once they withdraw your access to their platforms, you can neither edit nor delete the articles.
You don't even determine your pay, and the job can be withdrawn any time your boss feels like.

Moreover, articles you write on someone's platform will only stop paying you a moment after, but the ones on your blog can be paying you 10 years later, as far as the blog is still active.
There are so many reasons to launch your own platform, and we'll be halting here.

Introduction To Freelance Writing In Nigeria

Freelance writing is a way of making money online from creating of contents. It could be for your own platform, or for others.
We will be doing a rundown on the both of them;-
  • Writing for yourself

As I have earlier said, this is my favourite part of freelance writing.

You could be writing fictions or non-fictions. No one tells you what to write, and you monetize them yourself.
Some of the ways to go into freelance writing on your own include writing of self-help ebooks, digital marketing, blogging and writing of novels.

You can decide to charge your audience before they access your works, or you give it to them free and monetize it through affiliate marketing and many other ways.
  • Writing for others

If you don't want to go through the stress of monetizing your articles yourself, then you can consider writing for others.

If you want to actually write and get paid in Nigeria, then you must be good in it.

Read a lot of articles on the niche you want to dive into so you know what you should be delivering.

Time is another factor, and no foreign client will like to hear that there's no electricity, or any other excuses.

I got some of my best paying clients from Facebook, and there are clients who will pay you more than $20 per article.

12 Websites To Make Money From As A Writer In Nigeria

If you are looking for how to make money as a Nigerian writer, then these 12 websites are worth giving a trial.
I haven't worked for all, but they are all confirmed to be paying as at the time of publishing this content.
  • Inforib

The Inforib Revenue Program is a perfect sidehustle for Nigerians, and you cashout straight to your Nigerian bank account.

In fact, it was launched by a Nigerian top blogger and I have cashed out from the system.

It works like Quora, but a paid version and you get paid for asking questions, answering, referring new users, logging in daily and doing a number of other things.

The minimum payout is ₦5,000 and you can withdraw on the 28th of every month.

You can join here or read more about the program.

It is free to join!
  • Opera News

Opera News is another amazing way of earning online as a Nigerian writer.

You get paid according to the quality of your contents and the traffic it generates. Each 10,000 views on your article will earn you an estimated ₦360, and they have removed the share and comment bonuses that meant better earnings.

You get paid every month for the previous month's earnings, and their payment method is Opay.

You can download the Opay app from Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore. The company is owned by the same owners of Opera Mini, Opay and other businesses.
  • Information Guide Africa

InfoGuideAfrica.com is another amazing platform for budding writers. It is a multi-niche website and they are hiring writers for different topics ranging from business, agriculture, entertainment, religion, lifestyle and more.
Payment will be discussed (and negotiated) upon acceptance, and you can apply on this page.
  • Okada Books

Okada Books is for self-published writers who are looking for an extra source of revenue.

It will help you get noticed as a writer, and you can reach out to already interested customers in the app.
This however, as with many other jobs can only pass as a side-hustle.

You can pay the platform to help you send out emails, push notifications, do social media promotions and place your publication(s) on their homepage to reach more people.

The works can only be published in epub format, and moderately priced products sell best.
  • Blasting News

If you have sometime to blog, but wouldn't want to work on your own, then welcome to blasting news! The platform is for writers, and you write, generate traffic to your contents and get paid via PayPal or bank transfer.

Their minimum payout is $10, and the amount you make per impression depends on the source of the traffic.
Basically, traffic from countries like the United States and Canada pay more than traffic from Nigeria and Ghana.

This is because they monetize with Adsense, and advertisers bid higher for those countries.
  • Fiverr

Fiverr is currently the world biggest job board and they have more than 14 million users.

It is the 348th most visited website in the world, and 232nd most visited in the United States. This means you can sign up, to get writing jobs for yourself.

It is free of course, but the platform will collect 20% of all your earnings. This means that for each $5 you earn, you get paid $1.
Once you get an order, the money will be held by Fiverr until you deliver the job.
  • MediaBistro

MediaBistro is another amazing job board and it was launched by Laurel Touby in 1999.

They offer resources for media professionals and publish various blogs which analyze the mass media industry, including the film and the publishing industries.

MediaBistro also provides job listings, seminars and courses for journalists.

You can search for jobs by location, and this is helpful if you're looking to work with someone in your locality.
  • FreelanceWriting

FreelanceWriting.com has been in existence since 1997 (when were you born? huh!) and they help connect content writers to people who need their services.

It is an amazing platform for both writers and content buyers to connect and benefit mutually.
  • WePayWriters.com

WePayWriters.com will pay you ₦500 per 500 words article for a start, and their articles range from health to beauty and even entertainment.

They didn't give any information on their acceptance criteria, but they stated on their website that they need writers in an excess of 1,000.

To begin your application process, kindly visit their official website.
  • iWriter

iWriter is another top job board for writers, however one of the worst I'd advice you to work for.

It is basically a content mill, and you can make as 'much as $1' per article, and you have to compete for jobs.

It works this way, a content buyer comes up and drops a title of an article they'd want you to work on.

You come up and accept the job, and you are timed to make sure you write the basic nonsense. When you eventually submit the job with 45 other people, the client rejects some people's hard works, steals some and accepts some.

There's is basically no guarantee that you will earn a living from the platform.
  • OnlineBookClub

If you're a pretty good bookworm, then this platform might be the best for you.

They pay an average of $5 to $60 for you to read and drop honest reviews of books they provide.

This will help them guide other buyers and probably, they use the reviews in facilitating their affiliate marketing of books.

If you think this is a good catch for you, you can continue HERE.
  • NaijaGists.com

NaijaGists.com is a fast-rising Nigerian based entertainment and media website. They published that they're in need of writers in excess of 1,200.

This means that if you feel you suit the qualifications, you can shoot them an email and try your luck!

I don't believe wholly in luck though, I think we should all strive to be the best, so we get all the best.

You can find out more about the job and the application processes/email on their website.


There are many other websites, but I have to limit my article to these.

Making money online is interesting, and freelance writing is a job you do not need a degree to be a part of.
Build your portfolio, get a professional website for your business and make cool money online.
Thanks a lot for reading along.

Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends.

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