Lendi.network Review: Read This Before You Join The Platform

July 25, 2020

Lendi.network Review
This Lendi.network review is independent of any external influences.
It was written based on our observations and researches, and is only meant to give you a hint.

Always ensure you make further researched before you invest into any donation platforms/ponzi schemes to avoid telling stories that touch.

Introduction To The Lendi Network

Lendi.network is a peer-to-peer lending company. They provide liquidity to the members of the platform for a share of their profit over a particular duration of time.

You can invest in both cash and bitcoin, and they reportedly pay within 7 days.

Now, the platform is a kind of refined Ponzi scheme.

Users give help and they get also, from other users. Unlike the Profit Arena however, it takes 7 days for your funds to mature and you get your own help.

How Does The Lendi.network System Work?

The system works just like other systems, and you can pay via bitcoin or cash.

You will register and be merged to pay someone.

The minimum you can start with is ₦2,000 and it is a pro, at least when compared with other platforms.

You will be needed to recommit before you get help, and with this you're sure the platform will last.

Getting your own help will take 7 days normally, or 3 days if it is your first receiving help.

If you invest bitcoin, you get 60% and if it is cash, you get 55%.

There is also a 10% direct referral bonus and a 1% indirect referral bonus. In order words, referrals from your referrals.

You will become a leader if you get 10 direct referrals.

Is Lendi Network Investment Legit Or Scam?

I cannot say for exact whether the platform is legit or scam, but I have not heard any negative reviews.

The domain name was registered on the 26th of May, 2020.

I however suggest you invest something you will be willing to use for a trial. Google 'lendi.network review' to read what other's have to say also before you drop your own money.

Who Owns The Lendi.network Platform?

No information was given concerning the owner(s) of the platform, and they hid it on their domain page.

Even their address isn't so specific, and I don't know the possibility of reaching them out with that.
Ifako estate, Airport road , Lagos Nigeria

They however claimed their business is incorporated by the financial regulatory bodies. I however did a search on the Corporate Affairs Commission website and couldn't find any reliable information.

It's possible that they did other registrations, and they're in the best positions to state that.


The fact that most details about the owner(s) of the platform isn't open is already a red mark!

However, that is not enough to tag it fraud. You can read other reviews online before making your choice of whether to invest or now.

Have you tried them? What was the experience like?

Drop us a comment and don't forget to share.

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