Mike Solomon (Just Solomon) Biography, Age, Videos, Net Worth And More

July 25, 2020

Mike Solomon (Just Solomon) Biography
Mike Solomon is a Nigerian social media influencer, brand ambassador, actor and model.
He is currently based in Victoria Island, Lagos State.

Full Names: Solomon Mike
Other Names: Cindy, Mikelomon, Just Solomon
Date of birth:
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Model, social media influencer, actor, brand ambassador, vlogger
Net Worth:

Mike Solomon Biography, Date Of Birth, Girlfriend, Entertainment Career, Controversies

Mike Solomon better known as Just Solomon is a Nigerian social media influencer, YouTuber, actor, model and brand ambassador.

He is one of the fastest rising young Nigerian social media influencers, and started off his career from TikTok.
He was one of the speakers for the Social Media Week Lagos, 2020 which was held on the 24th of February to the 28th.
JustSolomon has grown to over 150,000 followers on his verified TikTok handle and over 80,000 followers on Instagram.


In the wake of the rape controversies and trend on the Nigerian Twitter, JustSolomon made an anti-rape post on his Instagram page.

It was going on in good light, or at least as others until he was called out by a male Twitter user.

Mike Solomon is yet to address the allegations, but with an anti-gay country like Nigerian in question, it will be taken more than an ordinary rape case.
The tweet was quoted by another Twitter user, who also claimed he was nearly molested by the social media influencer.

While many social media users were on his side because of the case involved, a good number supported Solomon.

According to them, there was no actual molestation and he turned down the request and was supposed to move on with his life.

Social Media Handles

You can connect with Mike Solomon on:
Instagram @JustSolomon_
TikTok @JustSolomon
YouTube - Just Solomon

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