How To Receive Money Through PayPal In Nigeria Or Ghana

August 31, 2020

How To Receive Money Through PayPal In Nigeria Or Ghana
PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways currently, if not the most popular.
It is also very convenient, and your funds arrive anytime from within a minute to 2 days, depending.
Take for instance, if the money is coming from a linked bank account, it has to get cleared from the bank first and it might take you two days to get it.
It is however a very rare case, as most users pay directly from the money they have in their account.

Best Alternatives To PayPal For Nigerian And Ghanaian Users

Inasmuch as PayPal is very popular, Nigerians are not currently allowed to use the accounts.
This means that your funds with them if you eventually maneuver to get an account can be limited at any time, and they possibility of getting them back is low.
Some of the PayPal alternatives you can however use freely include:

• Western Union

You can send and receive money from almost any part of the world using Western Union, and it is by far safer.
There are however some stories about how some foreigners are not being let to send money to countries like Nigeria because of scams, and it is really a scar to legit internet hustlers.

• MoneyGram

MoneyGram also works like Western Union, and is more or less a better alternative to PayPal.

• Payoneer

Payoneer will give you a foreign bank account so you can also use it to receive your Fiverr, Amazon and other payments.
Like PayPal and the other payment gateways, there are charges for sending, receiving and withdrawing of your funds.
You can also request for their credit card to withdraw from any accepting atm machines in the world.

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• Skrill

Skrill is also amazing, and you can send and receive money to any part of the world, provided the person has an account with them.

• Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The crypto trends started like a joke, but have far grown from that.
In case you're still new to it, you can check out this article on how to make money from cryptocurrencies as a Nigerian.
You can also use them to send and receive money anonymously from any part of the world.

Advantages Of Using PayPal

There are a lot of reasons why PayPal should be your do-without:
• It is safe from both hackers and scammers to an extent. You can use the charge-back feature to request for your GnS funds if you were scammed or ripped off.
• PayPal is very easy to use.

Disadvantages Of Using PayPal

I'm not a big fan of PayPal, and here are some of the reasons:
• They limit accounts indiscriminately. I've lost huge amount of money with them, and couldn't do anything about it.
• You can also get scammed on the platform.
• There have been issues of people getting locked out of their accounts.
• They don't have a good customer care.

How To Receive Money From PayPal In Nigeria

This is assuming you already have a working account, if you don't have you can contact us to help you set it up.
• Give the sender of the money the email you used in creating the account, it is the only detail needed.
• If that doesn't work or is giving issues, you can request for funds or even create an invoice.

That's all!
Sending and receiving money via PayPal is very easy.

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