- How To Access Your Racksterli Account

March 09, 2021 - How To Access Your Racksterli Account

Popular Nigerians investment platform, Racksterli has been on the top of the trends over the past few days, following their unannounced upgrade. The site, which has gathered over 350,000 subscribers went offline towards the ending of Saturday, and up until now, subscribers have not been able to comfortably access their accounts.
This of course has gotten a lot of people asking for whether Racksterli has crashed, and trying to know if they'd return back after the upgrade, since it's the regular way previous investment platforms (and ponzi schemes) have been closing.

Now, I decided to talk about it since I've previously published a review, and even have an article about the CEO, a lot of people have been reaching out to me asking for the fate of the platform.
First, I am a subscriber like everyone else, and I can do almost nothing more than you can do. The CEO of the Racksterli, Blackgold has a WhatsApp TV where he updates the subscribers on the progress, and has assured that everything will be in order.

How To Access Your Racksterli Dashboard

While waiting for the Racksterli team to put back things in order, here's what you can do to avoid loosing your daily earnings:
- Visit, it is the only legit link that has been shared by the platform on their social media pages.
Please avoid using other links, your data could be stolen and there are already a lot of problems to add yours.
- A lot of people have spoken about using VPNs to access their account, and a friend recommended Windscribe VPN. If you can't access your account yet, it is still an option.
- Change your browser if you're having issues. Someone said on Instagram that the Safari browser worked for him, and you can try that too.

Racksterli is not scam, and it's here to stay. Visit to access your account, and if you're yet to sign up, contact me to help you out.
Follow their official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for steady updates.
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