Cross-dressing: Meet Bobrisky’s Student That Has Threatened To Displace James Brown

March 08, 2021

Crossdressing: Meet Bobrisky’s Student That Has Threatened To Displace James Brown

More Nigerian men are joining the likes of Bobrisky, James Brown and others that have created a name for themselves as crossdressers. The latest crossdresser in town identified as Lord Casted and known on Instagram with the handle @Yebedo1 re-introduced himself as the ”Princess of Nigeria”, and vowed to bring down his senior colleague, James Brown who originally crowned himself with the title.

Lord Casted describes himself as a brand influencer and God-fearing guy. Upon visiting his Instagram handle, we're welcomed with the bio 'God First 👆'.

He has so far garnered more than 2,000 followers on Instagram.

Lord Casted started gaining media attention after his mother begged Bobrisky to help him after he tattooed the male barbie on his arm.

He'll be joining the likes of James Brown, Jpblush, Jay Boogie Anthony, Jay Bugatti Iche and the rest of them.

In one of his Instagram posts, the young man said he’s ready to follow the footsteps of his mentor, Bob to become successful in his chosen career.

If Being Like @bobrisky222 Will Make A Way For Me. Darlings, I’m F*cking Ready To Take All The Steps Mother Took. I’m Ready To Risk Everything Mother Risked To Become Successful Woman.

He also released another video shading James Brown who previously described himself as the 'Princess of Nigeria'.

If you’re out there and you call yourself the Princess of Nigeria, darling you are Prince. This is the real Princess, I have come, I have come, I’m gonna bring you down”.

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