18 year old genius, Isaac Somto designs app that enables Nigerians order ambulance

May 01, 2021

18 year old genius, Isaac Somto designs app that enables Nigerians order ambulance

Isaac Somto is an 18-year-old African serial entrepreneur, writer, brand identity and user interface designer.

He is the founder of Imaginact, a non-profit organization that takes and empowers actions for change. 

On the 16th of April, Isaac Somto posted a video of a project he was working on with his team on Twitter and Linkedin and he received a lot of applause from mostly Nigerians and Africans.

18 year old genius, Isaac Somto designs app that enables Nigerians order ambulance

Isaac Somto designed an app he and his called “Aider”, the app allows Nigerians to take charge of emergency situations and save lives by allowing them to order an ambulance, show and offer directions to hospitals nearby, talk to doctors, send sos message, buy first aid kits, get knowledge about first aid and more.

Here’s a video of Isaac Somto showing the app, the video gathered 50K+ views on Twitter

Aside from designing apps and websites, Isaac Somto runs Imaginact.org, a platform he uses to drive  and impact in communities. 

This year 2021 alone, Imaginact  has trained more than 200 teenagers for free on design skills through Imaginact’s SteamUp initiative and purpose-driven partnerships with brands like Tech Skills Hack, Teen World Empowerment and more. 

In March 2021, Artechubs, a leading STEM skills acquisition startup for young people in the South-eastern region of Nigeria launched a partnership initiative with Imaginact called “Act2getHer’.
The initiative was launched to celebrate the international women’s day and to close the gap between men and women in the STEM workforce.
The programs under the initiative are still running, and have seen the training of more than 180 young girls on STEM skills.

Imaginact also worked on an unlawfully prisoned children in Nigeria campaign using its Broach program which it uses to create consciousness about societal and political issues among African youths by sharing information and enabling conversations about the social issues.
The initiative partnered with Forever Gratis, an African student-led advocacy organization to raise awareness about Nigeria’s unlawfully locked child prisoners and terrible juvenile centres issue. You can sign this petition to help them.

Isaac Somto has also been involved in a lot of campaigns for change in the African continent, including Learnblue, a climate change advocacy organization that raised awareness about climate issues in Africa and the world at large.
The organization reached more than 3.7 million people. He was also involved in Cameroon’s Actions for Development and Empowerment’s program, EmpowerHer Africa.

In 2019, Isaac Somto was awarded the Vision Award at an international youth summit by Jamie Pajoel International, a leadership institute with a head office in Canada for his contribution towards enterprise development in Nigeria.

Isaac Somto talks about social issues and he has been quoted by various sites like Lists.ng, The conversation, Modern Ghana etc. His opinions on design has also been published on Bootcamp by Uxdesign.cc, DesignBuddy.org and more.

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