Ambrose Nwaogwugwu - ‘What Is The Relationship Between Okorocha And The Unrest In Imo State?’

May 01, 2021

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu - ‘What Is The Relationship Between Okorocha And The Unrest In Imo State?’

There is a strong indication from various quarters that the former Governor of Imo State, Sen. Rochas Okorocha may have a hand in the present state of unrest in the state to shield himself and family off from being stripped off what they have looted from the people of Imo State.........and Nwaogwugwu is being forced to agree with this narrative. If you can cast your mind back, before the advent of the so-called unknown gunmen, Imo State became very hot and unwelcoming to Okorocha and his family.

In fact, series of the government-backed recovery process and events that followed dealt a terrible blow to the Okorocha's and fian, what followed afterwards were destruction of public properties by hoodlums suspected to be recruited to distract the state government from carrying out this patriotic assignment of recovery.

Sources close to the former Governor has it that he has boasted in their close meetings that he is going to make the state Ungovernable for Gov. Hope Uzodimma should he continue with his recovery processes. I do not know how true is this but with application of common sense, if we can actually connect the dots, it seems like this is like a preprogrammed tricks to distract the state government's recovery activities.

And our dear Governor has given life to this popular speculation that some disgruntled politicians like the Okorocha's may be responsible for this series of activities of the so-called unknown gunmen when he addressed Imo people on the state of the state during his May Day address, read our governor "You would have noticed that disgruntled politicians in concert with militants and other criminal elements have unleashed violence in our state known traditionally for its peace and hospitality. Unable to contain themselves over the developmental strides of our administration in just one year, these enemies of our state have devised devious ways of not only distracting us but striking fear in our citizens. Some of them have even come out to unmask their real intention which are to make the state ungovernable".

The governor is the chief security officer of the state and there are levels of intel that he is privy to that ordinary Imolite will not be. It could be true that he could cashed into the insecurity in the region to perpetuate such unpatriotic acts.

For the governor to come up with this means that our long-held suspicion could have been right after all.

Our governor continued: "Recall that at the onset of this administration, these same people had vowed to make the state ungovernable for us. Our only crime against them is our resolve to hand over the state and its resources to the people as the true owners. While I sympathize with them over their feeble and futile efforts at intimidating us, let me declare here that the state will employ all lawful machinery at its disposal to crush criminality".

Imo has never seen this kind of bitterness before.

Why fingers constantly points at the Okorocha's could be given by his history of violence. Okorocha has always be a man of violence, if we could cast our minds back to pre 2011 era. We saw how he mobilized thugs and hoodlums to APGA head office in Owerri to force himself into the party. We also saw the kind of violence he unleashed at INEC office in Owerri and we can go on and on on Okorocha's history of violence; so one could be right if he is accused of now sponsoring violence to distract the state from recovering his loots.

While Okorocha may be one, I think there are also other disgruntled politicians either sponsoring terrorism in the state and fanning the embers of violence to make stupid political statements. They are the ones who rejoices when their terror partners hits the state and frowns when security forces retaliates. They don't condemn any form of violence against the state but rejoices whenever violent crimes breaks out. They pay journalists and bloggers to blow the acts of terror out of proportion to paint the governor in bad light.

There can only be one governor at a time in a given state. It is therefore act of foolishness for anyone to think that by terrorizing their own people, that is the only way to make political statements. The next election dates are not too far away. Instead of sponsoring hoodlums to terrorize your people, wait until election time so you can come and test your acceptance.

It is cowardly to resort to violence in order to make a political statement.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.

May 01, 2021.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu - ‘What Is The Relationship Between Okorocha And The Unrest In Imo State?’

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