How To Start Vegetable Farming In Nigeria (The Beginner’s Guide)

February 14, 2022

How To Start Vegetable Farming In Nigeria (The Beginner’s Guide)

Vegetable farming has grown to become a major source of income for Nigerians and other nationals.

You can start it in different capacities:-

- Cultivating and reselling to wholesalers and retailers
- Buying from farmers and selling to retailers
- Purchasing from retailers to sell to final consumers

Now, the last two are not directly farmers, but they made my list since they also deal with agriculture.
While people complain that there are no jobs and sources of revenue, a huge market of selling vegetables is passing them every day.
To start vegetable farming, there are a few things you need to put into consideration:-

- Study your market

Vegetables are perishables, and you cannot afford to store them over a long period of time. You have to know the best ways to move them out before you purchase.

- Follow trends in your area

You can't be selling a vegetable common to the Igbos in a Yoruba dominated area and expect to succeed so well.
Focus on doing what others are doing first of all.

- Diversify

You can add the selling of fruits to your customers as well, especially if you're not in the market. The same people who buy ugu would love cucumbers and bananas as well.

- Buy according to what you can sell

Vegetables are highly perishable. Even as a farmer, don't harvest more than you can store or it would be a huge loss.

Vegetables You Can Cultivate Or Sell As A Trader

Some of the vegetables you can cultivate or sell as a trader include:-

- Fluted Pumpkin (Ugu Leaf)

These are popular among Igbos, and used to make soup as well as other foods.

- Okra

Okra are another sets of vegetables and as well used to prepare soups. They have a fairly longer shelf life.

- Cabbage

They are used for preparation of salads, and also in high demand. 

- Tomatoes

Tomatoes are on very high demand, and you can make money both as a trader and farmer. There are different species and you can focus on one.

- Bitter leaf

The bitter leaf is used in making of bitterleaf soups, and have an interestingly large market.

- Waterleaf

You can also sell and farm water leaves, and they are used in the making of soups.


The vegetable farming business is a very lucrative one and shouldn't be toiled with. Diversification is a major secret, and you can make a living from them.
What do you think?

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