Bayelsa Show: This Is Why Davido Wanted To Quit His Show For A Dog

December 22, 2021

Bayelsa Show: This Is Why Davido Wanted  To Quit His Show For A Dog

Earlier today, the twelfth of December 2021, Nigerian singer David Adeleke made the news. He was in a show in Bayelsa State when it turned out someone came to the show with a dog, and was staying right at the front of the crowd.
The Davido Music Wordwide boss however wasn't going to have any of it, and he screamed that the dog should be taken out of the crowd otherwise he was going to leave the stage.
While the Champion crooner didn't give any reasons why he took the action, here are some reasons why bringing an animal to a show isn't exactly a good idea.

- Animals can easily get irritated

You can't bring a dog to a crowd and expect it to enjoy the music with you, you are Davido's fan right? What if Bingo is a Starboy FC.
The dog can get irritated and bite someone' hereby making things turn out someone actually purchased a ticket to come pick rabies.
Even if you're trying to calm situation, you really can't do more since even the noise won't let them hear you and before you know what is happening, the harm would have been done.

- They could mess up the place

Dogs, cats and other animals don't exactly tell you when they are pressed and can mess up the place.
Imagine a dog peeing somewhere around you in a crowd? Ewww! It's not exactly what you will pay to attend a show and experience.
Why then will you bring your own dog to the live show?

- Noise could damage their ears

Humans are wired to accommodate noise to an extent, but I can't boldly say the same about dogs. The person in question even brought the dog to the front, as a personal bodyguard or something?
The speakers could get intense and cause more harm than good, if there are even any good!

- I wouldn't love to perform for a dog

Don't get it twisted, if I want a show for dogs, I will organize one and perform for them, not having one in chains standing right in front of my audience.
While dog loving can actually help you get a lot of fans, even people have lost their lives after being trampled on in shows, and dogs are too small to be safer.

Davido even has a pet dog and he opened an Instagram account for him.
Bayelsa Show: This Is Why Davido Wanted  To Quit His Show For A Dog

He doesn't need to go around telling the world he is a dog lover at the expense of the animal and of course, other humans.
What do you think?

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