‘Emergency Service Support Animal Lynx’ - Lady Bre#stfeeding Cat On Plane

December 22, 2021

‘Emergency Service Support Animal Lynx’ - Here‘s What To Know

A lady was 'caught' bre#stfeeding a cat on a plane and it turned out it was a lynx, instead. Well according to the story, a man who was sitting close to the lady had called the air hostesses and security.

Apparently, the lady was bre#stfeeding her 'baby' who turned out not to be a human baby.

Now, bringing an emergency support animal on board the flight might not have been so much of an issue, if she didn't bre#stfeed it on board.

You can watch the video on Twitter.

Now when the lady was asked to unveil the baby, she hesitated siting invasion of privacy.
The man insisted it was a cat, and someone behind her said he was allergic to cats. The blanket covering the baby was eventually removed, and it turned out to be a lynx.

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