Cute Abiola Biography: Fiance, Controversies, Net Worth, Age

January 30, 2022

Cute Abiola is a popular Nigerian entertainer, comedian, and video producer who also doubles as a Naval officer.

Cute Abiola biography
Cute Abiola

This article is about Cute Abiola. It contains Cute Abiola's biography, age, career, personal life, net worth, controversies, and everything else we know about him.

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Cute Abiola Profile

Full Name: Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin

Date of Birth: April 28th, 1996

Age: 26

State of Origin: Kwara State, Ilorin, Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian

Education: Kwara State Polytechnic

Occupation: Comedian, Naval Officer

Spouse: Kudirat Mosumola aka Ade Herself

Net Worth: $120,000

Who is Cute Abiola?

Cute Abiola, born Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, is a popular Nigerian entertainer, comedian, entrepreneur, video producer, and a Naval officer who is most known for his comedy skits and okaying the role of Lawyer Kunle.

Cute Abiola Early Life

Cute Abiola was born on April 28th, 1996, in Kwara State, Ilorin, Nigeria where he grew up with his parents.

Cute Abiola Education

Cute Abiola attended and graduated from Kwara State Polytechnic.

The schools where he had his primary and secondary school education are not disclosed to the public yet.

Cute Abiola Career

Cute Abiola started his career as a comedian at a young age when he performed on stages while he was in secondary school.

In 2015, he began to make comedy skits and uploading on his social media pages. However, he came into the limelight after he made a video in support of Bisola, the reality TV show star in the 2015 Big Brother reality TV show.

He has since made more comedy skits and is popular for playing Lawyer Kunle in his skits. He has worked with other top Nigerian comedians such as Officer Woos, Nasty Blah, Ade Herself, Sydney Talker, Taaooma, and lots others.

Is Cute Abiola a Navy Officer?

Yes, Cute Abiola is a Navy Officer in Nigeria. He joined the Nigerian Navy in 2018, however, his rank in the Nigerian Navy has not been disclosed to the public yet.

Cute Abiola Controversies

In May 2020, Cute Abiola was apprehended by the Nigerian Navy for posing with his Nigerian Navy uniform and sharing the pictures on social media on his birthday. However, he was let later on.

Cute Abiola Missing

Cute Abiola was declared missing on November 16th, 2021, after his family and friends couldn't reach him.

Cute Abiola's aide reacted to the declaration by revealing that Cute Abiola had been arrested and detained by the Nigerian Navy.

Cute Abiola Personal Life

Cute Abiola fiance Ade herself
Cute Abiola and fiance, Ade Herself

Cute Abiola is engaged to Kudirat Mosumola aka Ade Herself, another popular comedian in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Cute Abiola Net Worth

Cute Abiola's net worth is estimated at around $120,000. He is considered one of the richest and most influential comedians in the entertainment industry.

Cute Abiola Social Media

If you want to connect with Cute Abiola on social media, you can follow her on Instagram at @thecuteabiola

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