How To Change Text Message Colour On Samsung Galaxy S10

July 04, 2022

How To Change Text Message Colour On Samsung Galaxy S10

Many times we get bored of the features that came with our gadgets, especially our phones. We get bored of the default colour and theme, the keyboard, the default fonts, etc.
Are you using a Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone?
Do you want to change your phone look to your desired theme?
Do you want to change your message colour as well?
If your answer is yes to the questions, then this article is for you. I will take you through ways we can achieve all you want!

One sure way of changing your Samsung mobile look is by changing the theme. You can access the themes through the Theme Store.

There are two ways of navigating through the theme store.
• The first is by long pressing on any space on your phone's home screen. Options like wallpaper, themes, and widgets will come up. Tap the themes option and you will be directed to the themes store.
• Another way is through the phone settings. Scroll down the settings menu on your phone and tap the themes option.

Once the theme store is displayed before you, the bottom of the screen shows five main categories of items in the store. These are Themes, Wallpaper, Icons, and menus. All categories except Menu have a Featured and Top category at the screen top.

Under the Top category, in the left corner of the screen, you can click on the All option. This allows you to filter the themes to free or paid versions.

When going for the free themes, all you need is to make your choice and tap the download button. After the download is completed, click on apply and wait for some seconds to allow your preferred theme to be applied.

You will need a Samsung account and add a payment method when going for the paid theme. Make your choice among the themes and tap on the pink button with the price on it.

Choose your payment method and verify the total costs including taxes and make your purchase.

Once the item is confirmed as yours, apply the theme as you would do for the free version.

The whole look of your phone will be changed once a new theme is applied. This is also applicable to the messaging app. The background is also changed for any message sent.

Your Samsung mobile phone shouldn't be boring to you anymore.

Explore the spectacular themes in the themes store to get started.

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