How To Check If Someone Is Active On Their Phone

July 04, 2022

How To Check If Someone Is Active On Their Phone

Often we need to check if someone is currently using their phone without calling them. Perhaps a debtor is running away from picking up the calls of those they are owing or a spouse is ignoring their partner's calls and messages.

Whatever your reasons are, I will take you through some steps below that work. I will show you ways to check if the other person is active on the phone.

• Facebook Messenger -

Using the Messenger app, Click on the user's profile image in the top left corner of the screen to access the account settings.

Choose Active Status from the Profile settings menu. Select Show while you're active from the menu. You can then see which users have the Active Status option selected.

To check if a particular contact is online, click on the contact profile. If it shows a green dot, it means the person is active online, on both Facebook and Facebook Messenger

• WhatsApp Chat - 

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform. It is very easy to check the active status of any contact. All you have to do is click on the intended contact to chat. Then at the top of the chat inbox, below the contact name, the active status is displayed. If they are active, "online" will be displayed and if otherwise, their last seen will be displayed too or nothing if they already turned off their last seen.

Many times, people tend to switch off read receipts on WhatsApp and turn off their last seen. However, there is no option to switch off active status on WhatsApp.

You can easily get the person through this.

• Telegram Chat - 

Another way is the Telegram application. It has a lot of features similar to WhatsApp. On the Telegram app, users can turn off their last seen just like they can do on WhatsApp. On telegram groups, below the group name, several active members are usually displayed but you can't tell which person is online from there.

To check if someone is active on telegram, click on the contact of such person to start a chat with them. Below the contact name, the active status will be displayed.

If they are active, "online" will be displayed. If otherwise, "last seen..." will be displayed below the contact name.

• Direct Calling - 

This method is one creepy way that works especially when someone is intentionally ignoring your calls. Let's say a debtor for example.

You can directly call them using someone else's phone and when they pick up the phone, you can confirm that they are truly active on their phone.


The above are ways (but not limited to several ways) we can confirm if someone is active on their phone.

Whatever the reason you have, it is valid. You can try out any of the above.

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